Top 10 Lamest Corporate Stock Photos

Do you ever notice that most pictures that accompany corporate communications are ridiculously lame? Here are my top 10 lamest corporate stock photos.

1. Corporate Super Heroes Staring into the Distance:

"Corporate Super Heroes"

I’m sorry but what are they looking at? Their office? Are they going to meet with their billion dollar account? This picture represents what financial advisers think there job is going to be like, before they start.

2. High-powered Executive Meeting Silhouette:

This futuristic business meeting takes place on some sort of virtual reality set. World Corp. Inc. is doing very well, but they don’t have to rub it in.

3. Executive Jet Landing:

If you want to create more animosity between executive and employees, this picture should help.

4. Man with Briefcase and Hands in the Air:

Is this guy going to work or leaving? Maybe this is his last day before summer vacation. What do you think?

5. High School Executive Meeting:

A day in the life of the White Young Person Inc. executive council.

6. Ethnically Diverse Work Unit:

After numerous complaints and negative publicity, Young White Person Inc. used this stock photo instead.

7. Chrome Glass-walled Boardroom:

Why do people associate corporate life  with a complete lack of culture and humanity? This room does nothing to inspire. It makes me think of Robocop or Terminator.

8. Hand with Pen:

This the most generic of all generic corporate communication stock images. I can’t look… no… make it stop!

9. International Corporate Reps:

Do these people actually have white collars?

10. Firm-saving International Business Deal:

“I’ll meet you in the parking lot by the giant chrome globe at 3:00 to close the deal.”

There you have it. Generic corporate stock photos at their worst.


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8 Responses to “Top 10 Lamest Corporate Stock Photos”

  1. dbbradle Says:

    Those are all tremendously awful photos. Good finds.

  2. Raju Sandhu Says:

    #6 is funny. They look like college kids!

  3. Aaron Trostle Says:

    “I’ll meet you in the parking lot by the giant chrome globe at 3:00 to close the deal.”

    rofl for like a half hour

    • Kevin Rapanos Says:

      I know. It’s funny how nobody ever questions these generic pictures. I have actually seen these pics on websites since I wrote this blog. I should send this post to them.

  4. Metric Stormtrooper Says:

    You forgot a few:
    – the skyscraper with glass walls. always makes me think they are architects or in construction business…
    – the guy looking at a screen or laptop. they are all wireless, never plugged into anything and someone always points at it.
    – the guy doing a presentation. “OMG LOOK! ITS A GRAPH! IT GOES UP ALL THE WAY!!!”
    – the headset hottie. you get the impression you call some sexy 20y old girl, but then there is some 40y old guy from india or east europe on the other end of the line

    • Kevin Rapanos Says:

      Thanks for the additions, these are great. I was going to add the profit increase presentation pic. Just ridiculously uncreative isn’t it? Headset girl is also a classic, and used on 99% of telecommunications websites. I guess if we used regular employees for these types of images models would be out of work.

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