Corporate communicators are developing brands to persuade the public on behalf of sustainable companies, because their success can ensure future generations have a chance to prosper.

The information-saturated global village needs communicators to create, mould, and deliver persuasive and memorable messages.  Companies are struggling to find communicators who can develop a single message that will stand alone and be heard over an online information riot. I am that communicator. I am that message delivery system. I am the megaphone that can cut through the noise and communicate one clear message to one audience on behalf of one company.

Social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter have led the world to an epoch where every company and every individual with an internet connection have become media outlets. One implication of this emerging communication climate is a historical spike in the power of the average person’s voice and opinion.  People no longer solely discuss the stories they heard on the six o’clock news. The social news sites Digg.com and Mashable.com have larger followings than the BBC World News. Another implication of social media is that celebrity gossip mogul Perez Hilton’s Twitter feed has 1.9 million followers.  Coca- Cola’s has 20,000. However, I am still not sure which is worse for your health.

Studying communication at Royal Roads University has taught me how to break through the noise and develop a tribal following—despite the threat of being drowned out by Brad Pitt’s latest breakfast choice.  Audience analysis and simplistic, unexpected, and emotional message development means that sending generic media releases to news outlets, or driving traffic to a static corporate website are a thing of the past. Ford Motor Company now drives traffic to its Facebook page as opposed to ford.com. Digital curation and aggregation of cross web, re-tweetable social media leads to an extended message reach and more tribal followers.

Developing message campaigns on behalf of the government of British Columbia has led me to my own brand: find the right people, and understand what they need to know and where in the tangled web they go for their information. I have met success as a corporate blogger, a message campaigner, and a crisis communicator—not only maintaining, but increasing employee engagement in the face of a 30 per cent organizational downsize.

I have the tools to represent a company and lead its tribe, and the tools are free. Although internal government communications and public affairs can be somewhat archaic, I have applied my academic and professional communication foundation to create my own Victoria area sports website—or tribe if you will. Victoria Sports Online is a not-for-profit community sports news and opinion forum that has 400 contributors and over 25,000 hits per month.

Corporate communication is my passion and developing a tribal following is my mandate. My brand is that of message development and clarification of existent messages. I plan to use humour and clever simplicity to rejuvenate corporate communication and make sure company’s messages stand out and stick.


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