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Corporate Blogging? Why Should I?

April 13, 2010

I often wondered why most companies are buying into this social media trend. Of course, I am an advocate of using social media to build customer relationships and engage employees, but why do it if you`re not going to say anything interesting?

A poor example is Coca-Cola Conversations: a sort of Coke history blog written by Coke historian Phil Mooney. I know; Coke historian? Well anyway, the blog features commemorative merchandise and “this day in Coke history” stories. Other than taking a trip down a highly sugared, deliciously diuretic, memory lane, what value is this providing customers of Coke? I don’t mean to poke fun at this niche market—because it is based on the top selling beverage in history. However, Coke needs to create a blog that offers some real value to its customers.

The Official Google Blog is a good example of a relevant and valuable corporate blog (I know, the last thing Google needs is more praise). This blog has post after post of valuable, USEABLE, technological instruction and “new feature” news. It may very well look like a Google promotion blog, and it is. But it also offers something in return for its readers. I can at least figure out how to use Google Docs while I read about how unstoppable this giant market-eating shark is becoming.

If you were an employee of Google or Coke, what would you rather see: a blog highlighting and praising the hard work of some of the world’s best programmers and designers, or a blog about the marketing creativity of past employees? Game, set, match.